Bible Versions

As the best-selling nonfiction book of all time, the Bible has been translated into thousands of versions and languages. These include literal translations (word for word from Hebrew, Aramaic and Greek), dynamic equivalent translations (thought for thought) and free translations (paraphrase).

The best-known versions include American Standard, New American Standard, King James, New King James and New International. With the emergence of the Internet, smartphones and tablet devices, the Bible is even more accessible now. Numerous websites and mobile applications make it easy to compare and contrast different translations.

This list is a good place to start your exploration:

Multi-version Collections
Bible Gateway
Bible Study Tools
Blue Letter Bible
Olive Tree Bible Software (mobile)
Online Bible (downloadable)
The Unbound Bible
Web Bible

Individual Translations
American Standard Version (eBible — can be downloaded or copied)
Geneva Study Bible (first English version, Calvinistic commentary)
King James Version (contains Apocrypha, various search options)
The NET Bible (new translation by 25 scholars, includes translators’ notes)
World English Bible (from American Standard Version)

The Talking Bible (King James Version, narrated by Alexander Scourby)

Foreign Languages
Hebrew Old Testament (Masoretic Text)
The New Testament in the Original Greek (related introduction)
The Septuagint LXX: Greek and English (incomplete)
La Santa Biblia (Spanish)

Douay–Rheims Bible (New Testament, translated from the Latin Vulgate)
Latin Vulgate (includes verse-by-verse English translations)
World Wide Study Bible (Bible-related resources linked by passage)

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