NTmap_jesus_childhoodBible Atlas Online
The Access Foundation makes this series of maps from Bible times available for use in individual and group Bible studies. The maps fall into one of three categories ā€” the Bible setting, the Old Testament era and the New Testament era.

Bible Class Atlases
These maps from Terry Taylor at eBibleTeacher are organized into four categories — overall, New Testament, Old Testament and modern times.
Bible Maps, Charts and Timelines
The Bible-centered maps available here are supplemented by maps of the world and world empires, as well as textual details about the maps. The site also features biblical genealogies and charts that compare the change in lifespans during Bible times.

The Cerographic Bible Atlas
wilderness_wandering_mapThe Sidney E. Morse & Co. published the five maps in this collection in 1844 as a quarterly supplement to the New York Observer. The maps are printed in color, with outlines to highlight certain areas. The topics are countries in the Bible, Israel’s wilderness wanderings, Palestine and the plan of Jerusalem.

Interactive Bible
directory_NTchurchesWork your way through the Bible story with visual aids that cover: the conquest years of Joshua; the united kingdom of Israel under Saul, David and Solomon; the divided kingdoms and Israel and Judah; the ministry of Jesus; the missionary journeys of the apostle Paul; and more. This collection includes maps, diagrams, charts, timelines and plenty of textual background.

Palestine in the Time of Jesus
The Library of Congress created an interactive version of a 1912 map of Palestine from 4 B.C. to 30 A.D. Viewers can zoom in to specific regions or locations. Old Testament scholar Charles Foster Kent, the founding president of the American Academy of Religion, contributed the map.

Rose Publishing
maps_paul2The image library at the website of the Blue Letter Bible includes maps and charts from Rose Publishing, which designed the illustrations for individuals, churches, small groups and schools to use in their studies and lesson plans.

Other Map Resources
Bible Land Maps

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