Where Is Your Bible?

By Jack Glover

Most of us take having a Bible for granted. We usually have several of them, often of different translations. Yet it probably would be a correct statement to say they are read very little, even by those who claim to be Christians.

Bibles are for sale everywhere in our country, and free copies for our reading are found in many places. If you can not afford a copy, there are numerous places to get a free one.

Now consider living in China, an atheistic country. If you plan to read the Bible, if you can find one, secrecy will be required. Bibles, and reading them, usually bring unwanted consequences there. I read an article a few day ago about some average people and the risk they took in trying to sneak some Bibles into China.

What if our nation became like China? Would you hide, or burn, all those copies of the Bible in your house? Would you want to read it when you couldn’t do so freely?

“Not to worry, that will never happen here,” you say. Oh, was the Bible always prohibited in China?

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