Name The Church

By Jack Glover

Christ’s church has a name. I drove past a church building this morning that had no name. Oh, it had some sort of directional name, like the Northside Church or something of that fashion, but that doesn’t tell me anything about who it follows or what it teaches.

Christ said “I will build my church” (Matt. 16:18). That tells me who the church belongs to and what doctrine it teaches, unless someone is falsely applying the name. The Bible always identifies the church by name. Even when we read a passage of scripture where it is termed “the church,” early Christians knew what group of people was being referred to and what their doctrine was.

Today the tendency is to stand for nothing that is offensive to anyone and adjust your doctrine to fit the situation. Thus the name of Christ must be removed from the sign at the meeting place. It seems we would not want anyone to be offended by associating ourselves with the offensive words of our Lord (Matt.15:1-14).

Christians stand with their Master and love doing it. They don’t hide the fact that they love and believe in Him. (John 14:15)

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