By Jack Glover

God created the family (Genesis 1-2). He created man and then woman as a “help meet” (suitable) for him. Then came the instruction to be fruitful and multiply to replenish the earth.

The family is to be made up of one man, one woman and children who come from that relationship. The scriptures also contain instructions to children as to their responsibilities to parents. We see God using the family relationship in many ways in the Old Testament, especially in His plan for man’s salvation through the birth of Christ. The importance of family to individuals and society cannot be overemphasized.

In our society, we often sacrifice the happiness of family for the pursuit of riches, prestige, position, fleshly desires and other such things. Often we realize, too late, that family is more important than all the things we have put before it.

At this time of year, we have a tendency to turn our thoughts to those we may have not shown proper respect for all the rest of the year. We sing “I’ll be home for Christmas,” and that is good thing. We buy gifts for those whose birthdays, anniversaries and school events we have either forgotten or paid little attention to all year. We go home to see Dad and Mom but visit little or not at all other days of the year.

We all look forward to the holidays each year, as they provide us a time to be with family, and that is good, but it is important to make family first the other days of the year also. Our children are with us every day, but that will not always be true. Do you realize that when most children leave for college, they do not return home? You will only have them those few years, and they will pass quickly.

To the children who now have families of their own, take time for your parents. The time will pass quickly, and one day you will get that unexpected call. Enjoy your family now, it is the most precious possession you will ever have.

My wife and I are enjoying our children and grandchildren now. We hope you are able to do the same. We wish you a happy holiday. Excuse me now while I take time to play with my grandchildren.

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