An Outbreak Of Coronavirus Sermons

Churches of Christ across America have been canceling worship services, gospel meetings and Bible classes in an effort to help “flatten the curve” of the deadly coronavirus, but the disease hasn’t squelched the gospel. To the contrary, the virus has inspired preachers and teachers to re-examine God’s Word in the context of the ongoing pandemic.

There has been an outbreak of sermons about fear, tribulation, sin and other topics as Christians try to make sense of extraordinary times. Many of the lessons are being live-streamed to people’s homes from empty auditoriums or preachers’ offices. Some churches are broadcasting interactive video classes and lectures precisely to address issues raised by the changes in worship the virus has inspired.

Below is a list of podcasts and videos produced at non-institutional churches of Christ in March, April and May. We welcome link suggestions for sermons we haven’t discovered in our own online searches.

Anxiety and Fear
Anxiety, Corona and Christians (Mark Roberts)
Be Anxious for Nothing (Curtis Cooper)
Be Anxious for Nothing (Jim Jonas)
Calming Fears As We Walk Through the Valley of Coronavirus (Brent Hunter)
Coping with Fear (David Flatt)
Courage in the Face of Fear (Daniel Linden)
Death: Our Enemy … I Will Not Be Afraid (Nick Angel)
Do Not Be Anxious (Nathan Combs)
Do Not Fear (Sewell Hall)
Do Not Fear; Only Believe (Daniel Stauss)
Don’t Fear and Be Ready, Luke 12:4-13:9 (Ryan Boyer)
Don’t Worry (Rick Lucas)
Faith over Fear (Larry McLenny)
Fear (Bill McIlvain)
Fear Gone Pandemic (Alan Yeater)
Fear Versus Trust (Jamey Hinds)
Fearless (Brent Kercheville)
Fight the Fear (Roger Cox)
From Fear to Faith (Jordan Shouse)
Let Not Your Hearts Be Troubled (Donnie Rader)
Lord, Build My Faith in Times of Fear (Andrew Roberts)
Managing Anxieties (Doy Moyer, Zack Lee)
Overcoming Anxiety (Tim Bunting)
Peace! Be Still (Jacob Hudgins)
A People without Fear (Jared Bollman)
Relieving the Weight of Anxiety (Josh McKibben)
A Spirit of Fear (Kris Vilander)
The Weakness of Worry (Zeke Flores)
Why Trusts When We Can Worry? (Wayne Chamberlain)
Worry Fear and Foolishness (Steven Tramell)

Christian Perspective
Be a Lifter (Phil Arnold)
Benefits of Suffering (Kevin Kay)
Blessings in Disaster (Robert Fudge)
The Christian and Crisis (Stephen Russell)
The Christian Response to Crisis (Charles Payne)
A Christian’s Perspective on COVID-19 (Dan Koen)
A Christian’s Response to the Pandemic (Jeremy Sweets)
A Christian’s Response to Trouble (Boyd Jennings)
Christians and Pandemics (Steve Wolfgang)
God’s People in Isolation (Scott Smelser)
How about Some ‘Good News’ (Billy Randolph)
How Does God Want Us to Deal with This Crisis? (Gardner Hall)
Isolation, the Bible and Your Kids (Expressway church of Christ)
– Isolation Tips : Part 1, Part 2 (Expressway church of Christ)
It’s Time to Shine (Adam Litmer)
Now I Am Grateful For (Mike Thomas)
Our Great Wait (Jason Cicero)
Positivity in a Pandemic (Wiley Deason)
The Power of Prayer (Nathan Quinn)
Q&A: Coronavirus (Jacob Hudgins)
Redeeming the Present Opportunities (Keith Welch)
Seeing the Good in Everything (Ty Leach)
Self-Reflection  (Brian Price)
Stay Focused (Mark Broyles)
True Prosperity (Jerry King)
Virtue and Viruses: Redeeming the Time (Mike Brenneman)
What Are Christians to Do in a Global Pandemic? (Andy Sochor)
What a Little Virus Showed Us (Mike McCrary)
What Has Coronavirus Revealed about Us? (Benjamin Lee)
When Life Gives You Lemons (Jeremy Bard)
When It Goes Well for the Righteous (Daniel Ruegg)
Without Complaining (Matt Lannom)
The Wisdom of the Present (Jeff Wilson)
You Have Need of Endurance (Jesse Flowers)

The Church
Are We Forsaking the Assembly? (Edwin Crozier)
Better Together (Dan Ruegg)
Epaphroditus (Ryan Cummings)
God Loves a Cheerful Giver (Jim Jonas)
How Good Are You at Being Still? (Phil Arnold)
I Am Certain of This (John Gibson)
Joined in Heart (John Dicus)
No, This Church Is Not Closed (Lanny Smith)
Our Assemblies (Phil Arnold)
Questions about Canceled Services (Expressway church of Christ)
Stuck at Home (Danny Simmons)
Thoughts on the Suspension of Services (Steven Tramell)
Unity (Jim Jonas)
We Are a Family (Jacob Hudgins)
When It’s a Matter of Faith – Romans 14 (Everitt Heaton)
‘Where Two or Three Are Gathered’ (Paul Hammons)
Where We Observe the Lord’s Supper (Wayne Goff)
Will a Man Rob God? (Brian Price)
Worship God Wherever You Are (Kasey Harbin)

Extraordinary Times
Advice to the Exiled (Don Hooton)
Battlefield Flexibility (Matthew Allen)
The Best and Worst of Times (Lowell Sallee)
Bible Ideas for Strange Times (Jeff Wilson)
Can I Still Teach My Neighbor? (Brad Burkhart)
Certainty in Uncertain Times (Jesse Flowers)
Civil Disobedience Versus Faithful Obedience (Jeff Smelser)
Coronavirus (David Watson)
Coronavirus and Natural Disasters (Mike O’Neal)
Decisions about the Coronavirus (Jim Stauffer)
End Times? (Jeff Smelser)
For Such a Time As This (Rick Lucas)
Financial Impacts of COVID-19 (Steven Tramell)
Hezekiah’s Test (Charles Payne)
In These Times (John Gibson)
The Last Days (Mike O’Neal)
Lessons from COVID-19 (Wiley Deason)
Let Us Rise Up and Build (John Dicus)
A Little Faith (Matthew Allen)
Making Sense of the Coronavirus – Mark 4:35-41 (Paul Bailey)
New Testament Letters as Technology (Bryan Nash)
The Parable of the Pandemic (David Osteen)
Plans Change (Jacob Hudgins)
The Present Distress (Nathan Morrison)
Principles for a Pandemic (Chase Byers)
Q&A Morning: COVID-19 Edition (Mark Roberts)
Spiritual Dangers of Ongoing Quarantine (Mike Thomas)
Things to Keep in Mind in Light of COVID-19 (Donnie Oliver)
Three Things to See in This Extraordinary Day (Don Hooton)
A Time Like This (Mike Thomas)
We Are Living in Strange Times … Or Are We? (Mark Childers)
We’ve Not Passed This Way Before (Donnie Radar)
What Will Your Kids Remember? (Josh McKibben)
While We Wait (Brian Price)
Voluntary Exile (John Dicus)

God and Jesus
‘Be Still and Know’ (Sharon Copley Road church of Christ)
Because He Lives (Matthew Allen)
… But God Is Faithful (Reagan McClenny)
COVID-19: Christ over Viruses and Infectious Diseases (Matt Huggins)
Draw Near (Brad Burkhart)
Draw Near to God (Jim Bell)
God Calls Us Home (John Dicus)
The God of All Comfort (David Brewer)
God Is in Control (Benjamin Munoz)
God Speaks in the Storm (Jerome Sasanecki)
God, What Are You Teaching Us? (Jerry Fite)
God’s Plans for Our Good (Alan Yeater)
Have You Tested Positive for Jesus? (Northside church of Christ, Tucson, Arizona)
He Bore Our Diseases (Nathan Combs)
I Believe God (Jason Cicero)
Is Your God Bigger Than Your Storms? (Jared Bollman)
Learning from Jesus (Greg Kline)
Lord, Build My Faith in Times of Fear (Andrew Roberts)
A Mighty Fortress (Ed Rangel)
My Rock and My Cure (Jeff Archer)
The One Who Can Turn Your Sorrow into Joy (Daniel Ruegg)
Our Eyes Are on You (Benjamin Lee)
Out of My Control (Jeb Reaves)
Out of the Belly (Don Hooton)
Our Generous God (Jerome Sasanecki)
Our Weakness and God’s Power (Jeff Himmel)
Relying on God, Not Being Self-Centered (Brian Chapman)
Remembering God in Times of Virus (Kevin Hyde)
Safe in the Stronghold of God (Brian Messerli)
Serving God When the Trumpets Sound (Larry Rouse)
Stability of Our Times (Kristopher Sanders)
There’s a Balm in Gilead (Kevin Kay)
To Live Is Christ, to Die Is Gain (Jeffrey Smith)
Who Do You Trust? (Marc Hinds)
Who Is in Control? (Mark White)
Why We Look to Jesus (Jerid Gunter)
You’ve Got a Friend (Charles Payne)

Health and Healing
By His Wounds You Have Been Healed – starts at 23:20 in video (Shane Scott)
Contagious Christianity (Jordan Shouse)
Does a Leper Forsake? (Jason Sage)
Hope Amidst Pestilence: Revelation 6-7 (Ryan Cummings)
In Quarantine (Jason Lankford)
Quarantine (Daniel Ruegg)
Quarantined for Christ (Jacob Hudgins)
Spiritual Quarantine (John Mundy)
When Pestilence Is in the Land (Kevin Maxey)

Loneliness (Zack Lee, Doy Moyer)
Relief for Lonely Hearts (Matthew Allen)
You Are Not Alone (Phil Arnold)

Prudence, Not Panic (Charles Payne)

Coronavirus and Psalm 90 (Matt Bassford)
The Cry from the Dave – Psalm 57 (Michael Estes)
Declaring God’s Goodness – Psalm 145 (Phil Arnold)
God Is Our Refuge and Strength – Psalm 46 (Mike Roy)
Faith Forged by Fire – Psalm 77 (Jason Shackleford)
I Will Trust the Lord — Psalm 56 (Gary Coles)
Looking Toward Worship – Psalm 84 (Jacob Dineen)
The Psalmist Waits (Scott Young)
Sowing in Tears, Reaping in Joy – Psalm 126 (Phil Arnold)
When We Don’t Understand God (Mark McCrary)

Adam and Christ: Sin Pandemic (Steve Fontenot)
The Prescription for the Spiritual Pandemic of Sin (Steven Locklair)
Reflect and Repent (Daniel Broadwell)
Sin and COVID-19 (Brad Burkhart)
Sin: Worse Than Any Virus (Billy Randolph)
The Sin Virus (Adam Willingham)
What Does the Devil Want from Coronavirus? (Phil Arnold)
Why We Have a Coronavirus and How to Fix It (Andrew Dow)

Afflictions Abide Me (Jeff Smelser)
The Blessing of Tribulation (Kyle Pope)
Faith under Duress (Larry McClenny)
In Times of Trouble (Mike O’Neal)
Learning to Lament: How to Process Anguish (Jerome Sasanecki)
One Thing after Another (Mark Broyles)
Patience Amid Trials (Jim Jonas)
Praying for Help in Times of Trouble (Les Cunningham)
Seeing through the Chaos (Jamie Baker)
Staying Spiritually Strong (Mike McCrary)
Strength Made Perfect in Weakness (Rick Lucas)
Times of Testing Produce Hope (Matthew Allen)
Triumph in Trials (Philip Williams)
Truth in Troubled Times (Paul White)
Why People Suffer (Larry Haverstock)
With Purpose of Heart (Phil Arnold)

Lessons from Isolation: When God’s People Felt Alone
Danville church of Christ evangelist B.J. Sipe preached this series of sermons during the coronavirus pandemic.
‘Not Good to Be Alone’
Moses and Jethro
When God’s People Felt Alone: Jeremiah

When the Going Gets Tough
The evangelists at Expressway church of Christ in Louisville, Kentucky, created a special video series during the pandemic. “When the Going Gets Tough” explores how various Bible characters responded when they faced difficult times in their lives. The videos were released over several weeks on Tuesdays and Thursdays.
When the Going Gets Tough: Introduction
When the Going Gets Tough, the Tough Get Courageous (Joshua)
When the Going Gets Tough, the Tough Get Righteous (Joseph)
When the Going Gets Tough, the Tough Get Humble (Peter and Judas)
When the Going Gets Tough, the Tough Get Committed (Hannah)
When the Going Gets Tough, the Tough Get Better (Aaron)
When the Going Gets Tough, the Tough Get Wiser (Rehoboam and Jeroboam)
When the Going Gets Tough, the Tough Get Ready (Eunice and Lois)
When the Going Gets Tough, the Tough Get Ready (Shadrach, Meshach and Abednego)
When the Going Gets Tough, the Tough Get Discerning (Rahab)
When the Going Gets Tough, the Tough Get Worshipful (Paul and Silas)
When the Going Gets Tough, the Tough Get Serious (Church in Acts)
When the Going Gets Tough, the Tough Get Perspective (Naomi)
When the Going Gets Tough, the Tough Get Encouraging (Barnabas)

Disclaimer: A listing on this website is not an endorsement of the content as containing truth. Readers should always compare the words of men to the scriptures.

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