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NTmap_jesus_childhoodBible Atlas Online
The Access Foundation makes this series of maps from Bible times available for use in individual and group Bible studies. The maps fall into one of three categories — the Bible setting, the Old Testament era and the New Testament era.

Bible Image Library
still-waterPhotographer Kimberly Johnson Glover, a daughter-in-law of Bible Study Page creator Jack Glover, has shared dozens of Bible-inspired images for use in class books, PowerPoint presentations and other materials. They are free to use for non-commercial products. Some of the images are used on this website.

Bible Lands
sheep_davidpadfieldDavid Padfield traveled to Bible lands multiple times between 1996 and 2009, and he has made his photographs available for use in PowerPoint sermon outlines and Bible class materials. The database includes photos from Egypt, Greece, Israel, Italy, Jordan and Turkey. There are also collections for “lilies of the field,” millstones, trees, and sheep and shepherds, among other topics.

Children’s Bible Story Books
Moses and the Law Exodus 32:15This fantastic collection created by the La Vista church of Christ in Omaha, Neb., features illustrations that are in the public domain and thus free to reprint. The images comes from “The Boys of the Bible” (1905), the six-book “Standard Bible Story Readers” (1920s) and “Treasures of the Bible” (1894), among other works. The collection includes both color and black-and-white images, as well as 17 modern photos from Israel that can be shared.

Free Bible Images
Fiery_FurnaceSix men built this image database in order to fulfill their vision of “a visually accurate journey through the Bible as a resource for teaching all ages — available for free download by anyone, anywhere at any time.” Users from more than 230 countries have downloaded the content, which includes donated illustrations and photos that re-enact scenes from Bible stories.

jesuswalkingonthewaterFree Clip Art Collection
The Bible Revival created this database in part from images in books whose copyrights have expired, including the “Holman Bible” (1890) and “Life Of Christ For Young Disciples” (1899), among other sources. Images may be used for noncommercial purposes if attributed and linked back to the website.

Illustrated Books in the Public Domain
noahs_arkThe Bible and Its Story (1909)
Bible Pictures (1897)
A Child’s Life of Christ (1900)
The Children’s Bible Picture Book (1875)
The Coloured Picture Bible for Children (1900)
Story of the Bible (1904)
The Story of Noah’s Ark (1905)

Other resources
The Bible in Pictures
Clip Art Bibles
CrossCards (religious e-cards)

Wikimedia Commons is another great resource for free images and photos, as long as the content is used for noncommercial purposes. Each photo or image also must be attributed to the proper sources, as outlined in the relevant licensing agreements.

Disclaimer: A listing on this website is not an endorsement of the content as containing truth. Readers should always compare the words of men to the scriptures.

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