Audio/Video Studies

FEATURED CONTENT: Download the Bible in MP3 format

The Bible in 3 Minutes
The Gooch Lane church of Christ in Madison, Alabama, provides a brief overview of the Bible in this video — from creation to God’s plan for salvation.

Bible Breakdown
Ryan Hasty, one of two evangelists at University church of Christ in Auburn, Alabama, produced this series of 15 three-minute videos. The videos explore characters like Josiah and Shamgar, topics like faith and temptation, and questions like “What Is the Church?” and “How Accurate Is the New Testament?

Bible Illustrations
Philip Williams, the evangelist at the Martinez church of Christ in Georgia, put his talents as an illustrator to use in teaching the gospel by creating this video series. Sample titles include “How to Tell Someone about Jesus,” “How to Read the Bible” and “Why Does a Loving God Let Us Suffer.”

In His Presence
Every year in January, the church at Livingston Avenue in Lutz, Florida, hosts a song service. Audio of the annual service is available from 2012 to the present.

Let the Bible Speak
The Memorial Boulevard church of Christ in Springfield, Tennessee, hosts this program airs every Sunday at 9:30 a.m. on WSGI AM 1100. The audio files are available at The Good Teacher, evangelist Chris Reeves’ website.

Oracles of God
The Haymarket church of Christ in Northern Virginia produced a video series for the Comcast Community Channel. The 15-minute episodes, also available on YouTube, answers questions like “What is the Bible?”, “What is the church?” and “What is sin?”

Truth Factor
Evangelist John Duvall hosts this weekly, live-streaming Bible discussion with fellow evangelists on Wednesdays at 11 a.m. The other participants are Paul Adams, Mike Davis, Brian Haines, Seth McDonald, Eric Reynolds, Thomas Thornhill Jr. and Wayne Welsh.

Voices from the Past and Present
Listen to sermons, classes and radio presentations by the following preachers: Dee Bowman, Melvin Curry, Paul Earnhart, Ron Halbrook, N.B. Hardeman, Homer Haley, Sewell Hall, Ed Harrell, Marshall Keeble, Bob Owen, Franklin Puckett, R.J. Stevens, Robert F. Turner and Foy E. Wallace Jr.

Mark Dunagan (Bible Basics)
Arthur Ogden
Eric Reynolds, South Fayetteville church of Christ (Tennessee)

In Search of Truth

Disclaimer: A listing on this website is not an endorsement of any specific content as containing truth. Readers should always compare the words of men to the scriptures.

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