Bible Class Materials (Adult)

Bible Book of the Month
Work your way through seven Old Testament books and three New Testament books using Windell H. Gann’s plan for studying a specific book in a month. The concept calls for posting a “reading sheet” to encourage everyone to read the book and for the preacher to supplement the class with at least one sermon about the book. Gann’s materials serve as a guide for the studies.

Bible Study Workshop
This online collection of Landmark Publications contains material for adult Bible classes, sermon outlines, radio and television presentations, correspondence courses, preacher-training classes, college Bible classes, and many other teaching situations.

Bible Talk
Jeff Asher, who preached at five congregations in Arkansas, Louisiana and Texas between 1980 and 2015, has written several Bible class books for adults and children. The class materials at this site he hosts cover books of the Old and New testaments, specific Bible characters and more. The clearinghouse also includes sermon outlines, church bulletins and Bible debates.

Executable Outlines
The study guides at Mark Copeland’s website cover 30 different books of the Bible, 25 from the New Testament and five from the Old Testament. There are 290 outlines in the guides.

Investigating the Word of God
Gene Taylor’s series features individual study guides for all 27 books of the New Testament. The guides identify key people, places and words, as well as a key passage and lesson, for understanding each chapter of each book. Students from middle school to adult are challenged to answer matching, true/false and discussion questions. Taylor also joined forces with Jeff Asher and David Padfield to create Bible Class Books, a website with a variety of class materials for adults and children.

Life of Christ
Ken Palmer, a member of the church in Middle Tennessee, created this website about Jesus’ life, history and teachings in 1998. In addition to a 13-week class on Jesus’ life, the site includes lists of his parables and sermons, a timeline, and a harmony of the gospels.

Study Guides
The Embry Hills church of Christ in Atlanta compiled a list of 100 study guides and adult Bible class materials. The publications cover everything from books of the Bible and characters like Abraham to topical studies on the beatitudes, Christian character traits, the family and more.

A Bible Survey (three-year study, Gene Taylor)
McKee’s Bible Studies (Aude McKee, compiled by Arthur Ogden)
Walking through the Bible (one-year study, Windell H. Gann)

Bible Books
Old Testament
Ezra: Coming Together to Do God’s Work (Paden City church of Christ)
— A Study Guide of Selected Psalms — teacher’s edition, student edition and cover page (David Webb)
A Topical Study of Proverbs (David J. Riggs)
Studying the Book of Ecclesiastes (David J. Riggs)
Compilation of Old Testament class books (David Padfield)

New Testament
Colossians: A Study Guide (Mark Copeland)
Romans: The Simplicity of the Gospel (Kettering church of Christ)
Studying the Book of Romans (David J. Riggs)
Why Am I Saved? What Does That Mean? A Study of Galatians (David Chadwell)
Studying the Book of Titus (David J. Riggs)
— Studying the Book of Hebrews (questions and notes, David J. Riggs)
Studying the Book of Revelation (David J. Riggs)
Compilation of lessons on New Testament books (David Padfield)

Bible Characters
Old Testament
Daniel: God’s Faithful Servant (Paden City church of Christ)
Compilation of lessons on various characters, including Jesus (Bible Answers)

Conversions in the Book of Acts (Mark Copeland)

The Church
— The Church of Christ, Volume 1 and Volume 2 (Jeff Asher)

Denominations & Doctrines
Calvinism (Carmichael church of Christ)
Denominations, Religious Cults and World Religions
Pre-millennialism (Brian Yeager)
A Study of T-U-L-I-P Theology: Examining the Five Points of Calvinism in Light of God’s Inspired Word (Al Maxey)
World Religions (Ron Halbrook)

Father, Son and Holy Spirit
A Survey of the Life of Christ (Jeff Asher)
The Life and Times of Jesus, the Christ: A Walk through the Gospels in 50 Weeks (Jason Hardin)

‘For I Know Whom I Have Believed’ (Paden City church of Christ)

— The Divided Kingdom: Part 1, Part 2, Part 3, Part 4 (Wayne Goff)

Jesus’ Kingdom Parables (David Chadwell)
The Parables of Jesus (Paden City church of Christ)
A Study Guide of the Parables of Jesus (David Webb)

Prayer & Providence, plus videotaped class sessions (Jason Hardin)

Other Topical Studies
The Home (John Cripps)
Leaving a Legacy: What Will Your Family Legacy Be? (Kettering church of Christ)
Sermon on the Mount (Charles E. Crouch)
Work in Progress: Growing in Christian Character (Paden City church of Christ)
Compilation of topical class materials (David Padfield)

Teaching Resources
Bible Study Topics
Compilation of Bible study handouts and aids (David Padfield)
Electronic Gospel (Jeff S. Smith)
Tools for Teaching (topical, by Charles Dailey)
Misc. Bible study guides (David Chadwell)

Disclaimer: A listing on this website is not an endorsement of the content as containing truth. Readers should always compare the words of men to the scriptures.

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    i need a introduction on the book of Psalms

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