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Kids Bible Maps
land-of-persiaBible History Online created this database of colorful maps to help children learn the Bible using geography. They can follow the journey of Abraham, the exodus the Israelites from Egypt, the ministry of Jesus, and Paul’s first missionary trip, among others. The maps also help children visualize boundaries of David’s kingdom and of empires like Assyria, Babylon, Egypt and Persia.

Bible for Children (stories from the Old and New testaments)
Bible Class Books
Bible Comic Books
Bible Lessons 4 Kidz
The Bible Revival (clip art)
Bible Story Printables
Build Your Own Tabernacle (plans for a paper model)
Christian Coloring Pages
Garden of Praise

Hands-on Bible Teacher
Kids Sunday School Place
The Kids Zone (profiles of Bible characters)
Little Blessings Bible Lessons
Old and New Testament curricula (David Padfield)
Sermons 4 Kids
Sunday School Printables

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