Bible Reading Plans

5-Day Bible Reading Program
Work your way through the entire Bible or New Testament by reading blocks of scripture just five days a week. The chronological approach to the program is designed to make the story of the Bible easier to absorb. Use the checklists to track your weekly progress.

5-Minute Bible
5x5x5-planThe 5 X 5 X 5 plan calls for five minutes a day, five days a week to read through the New Testament. The other “5” represents the ways to dig deeper while reading — underlining key words and phrases, paraphrasing the text, asking and answering questions about it, defining the big ideas, and making personal applications of what you read.

Discipleship Tools
Pick from among several Bible-reading plans here based on your schedule and preferred study habits. The options include a 31-day plan for New Christians, a 90-day New Testament experience and a literary approach that divides the Bible into genres.

Four-Step Plan
Gospel Coalition editor Joe Carter said this plan, based on an article by theologian Fred Sanders, transformed his life. The four steps are: 1) Choose a book of the Bible; 2) read it in its entirety; 3) repeat step two 20 times; and 4) repeat the process for all books of the Bible. Carter recommends starting with shorter books, reading at your normal pace and choosing an appropriate Bible version, among other tips.

English Standard Version
The website for the English Standard Version of the Bible includes several reading plans in multiple formats. Readers can print plans such as “Every Day in the Word,” subscribe via RSS feed or email, or get them on their mobile devices.

Ligonier Ministries
Choose from among more than a dozen Bible-reading plans on this list. Examples include “Every Word in the Bible” (one chapter a day for three years), the Blue Letter Bible Historical Plan (organized as they would have been read in Old and New testament times), and “The Legacy Reading Plan” (emphasizes specific books and chapters each week).

One Year Bible Online
Don’t wait until Jan. 1 to start your annual reading plan. Use the customization tool to set a starting date that begins today, using either the chronological plan or the annual plan that features daily readings from the Old and New testaments, as well as from Proverbs and Psalms. Get reminders via Facebook and Twitter.

Read the Bible in a Year
Print this list to keep your Bible-reading plan simple. It requires you to read a few chronological chapters each day from the Old and New testaments.

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