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Bible Charts
The family of local congregation of Donnie Barnes is committed to keeping his Bible charts online here even though he passed away in 2013. The topics covered in Barnes’ collection include: the Bible (including the Old and New testaments), Bible places, the Godhead (Father, Son and Holy Spirit, the church, the cross of Christ, the Christian home, spiritual growth and more.

Jesus touching the eyes of a blind man

Jesus touching the eyes of a blind man

The Bible Speaks
This website, compiled by Richie and Lonette White, addresses an array of topics in scripture-by-scripture tables. The broad categories range from authority and baptism to false teachings and salvation, with narrower topics incorporated into each category. Within the baptism category, for instance, students can see examples of water baptism in the Bible, learn about the baptism of the Holy Spirit and more.

Biblical Profiles
This table of 57 characters grades them as “good” or “bad” based on the stories about them. The profiles cover well-known judges, kings, prophets and major characters in the Bible narrative, as well as a few more obscure characters. The content in the Kids Zone Directory includes “The Story of Jesus” in short blurbs of time.

The Big Picture of the Bible
The Bible was written to be understood not by scholars and theologians but by the average seeker of truth. This presentation is designed to help readers step back from the pages and see the overall message of God. It puts the teachings in context so it is easier to understand how all of the elements of the story intertwine. Get a similar perspective in a three-part video series of sermons by Ken Craig.

Church History, PowerPoint Charts
churchhistory-powerpointAndy Alexander produced this nine-part series of PowerPoint presentations about church history. The series covers the founding of the New Testament church, the prediction of and descent into apostasy, the rise of denominations during the Protestant Reformation, the Restoration Movement and apostasies that followed the Restoration.

Prophecies of Jesus Fulfilled
The Bible is one big story about God’s plan to save mankind by sending His Son to live as a man and offer Himself as the only acceptable sacrifice for sins. That plot line stretches across thousands of years and is revealed through numerous prophets. This table helps pull the story together by drawing a line between Old Testament prophecies of Jesus and New Testament fulfillment of those prophecies.

Disclaimer: A listing on this website is not an endorsement of the content as containing truth. Readers should always compare the words of men to the scriptures.

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