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Bible History Online
This site features a cornucopia of information that helps put the people, places, events and cultures of the Bible into proper historical context. Learn about the ancient world, Egypt, Assyria, Babylon, Greece, Persia, Israel, Rome and more. Peruse maps and artwork; explore manners and customs; learn about weapons and warfare; and gain insight into ancient languages.

The COVID-19 Pandemic
The coronavirus that spread around the world in 2020 is one of the most significant events in modern church history. It led to the cancellation of weeks and in some cases months of in-person studies and services. Many churches shifted their classes, worship services, gospel meetings, vacation Bible schools and other special services online. The Bible Study Page tracked much of this activity in 2020-21, creating compilations to pandemic-related sermonsarticles and livestreams by churches.

Church History: A Biblical View
Church history is divided into six distinct eras at this website — the Apostolic Age (30-100 AD), Ante-Nicene Age (100-325), Nicene Age (325-600), Middle Ages/Dark Ages (600-1500), Protestant Reformation Age (1500-1600) and Modern Age (1600-2000). The topics within those categories range from Gnosticism and the Catholic Church to the Crusades and Pentecostalism.

Church History, PowerPoint Charts
churchhistory-powerpointAndy Alexander produced this nine-part series of PowerPoint presentations about church history. The series covers the founding of the New Testament church, the prediction of and descent into apostasy, the rise of denominations during the Protestant Reformation, the Restoration Movement and apostasies that followed the Restoration.

johnfox-bookofmartyrsFox’s Book of Martyrs
John Fox, an English historian, authored this encyclopedia of martyrs and religious leaders of Christendom in 1563. Originally published under the title Actes and Monuments but more commonly known as Fox’s Book of Martyrs, it influenced Catholicism in England and Scotland. John Calvin, Martin Luther, William Tyndale and others are profiled in the book.

Guide to Early Church Documents
The content here falls into eight categories: 1) New Testament canonical information; 2) writings of the apostolic fathers; 3) patristic texts; 4) creeds and canons; 5) later documents; 6) related documents; 7) miscellaneous texts; and 8) relevant Internet sites. Although several of the links are broken, the site is still a good starting point for identifying the names of past religious leaders and their key writings.

hallofchurchhistoryThe Hall of Church History
This map to online historical resources about Christianity will lead you to information about church fathers, Catholics, reformers, Puritans, Baptists, cultists and more. The site also includes links to information about Medieval churches and the Eastern Orthodox religion, as well as to various religious creeds.

History of the Christian Church
Calvinist Philip Schaff penned this seven-volume series between 1858 and 1890. Each volume covers a specific era of Christianity from the apostolic era (1-100 AD) to the Swiss Reformation. Read about the role of religion in the Roman Empire and Medieval times, among the “barbarians,” amid the rise of Islam, and more.

The Silent Centuries
This content is based on a series of lessons that Al Maxey presented about the 400 years between the last prophecies of the Old Testament (book of Malachi) and the time of Christ as recounted in the gospels (Matthew, Mark, Luke and John). Maxey breaks this “intertestamental” period into five sections: 1) restoration of Israel and Persian rule (536-332 BC); 2) Greek rule (332-168 BC); 3) the Maccabean revolt (168-135 BC); 4) the Hasmonean dynasty (135-63 BC); and 5) the Roman era (63 BC to New Testament times).

Early Church History
Church History: AD 33-604
Church History: AD 589-1507
Early Christian Writings
Early Church Fathers
Church History: Eusebius of Caesarea
The Fathers of the Church
The Life and Times of Jesus the Messiah
Life of Christ
Personalities from the Early Church
St. Pachomius Library

Protestant Reformation
Project Wittenberg: The Works of Martin Luther
The Protestant Reformation
William Tyndale: The History of the Bible in English

American Revolution
Religion and the Founding of the American Republic

Restoration Movement
A Brief History of the Stone-Campbell Tradition
Center for Restoration Studies
A History of the church of Christ from 1840 to the Present
History of the Restoration Movement
How to Speak Stone-Campbell
Hymnals of the Stone-Campbell Movement
Reformation Classics
Stone-Campbell Journal
The Stone-Campbell-Scott Movement

Misc. Religious History
A Puritan Catechism (C.H. Spurgeon)
The Temple: Its Ministry and Service
Traces of the Kingdom: The church of Christ in England (Keith Sisman)

Secular History
Flavius Josephus Collection
The History of Herodotus
The Jewish Roman World of Jesus (James D. Tabor)
Sketches of Jewish Social Life
Myth and Mystery: Son Worship or Sun Worship?
Pompeii Virtual Tour: A Christian Perspective
The Works of Flavius Josephus

Disclaimer: A listing on this website is not an endorsement of the content as containing truth. Readers should always compare the words of men to the scriptures.

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