Bible Answers
Preachers will find plenty of sermon fodder at this website. It includes outlines for: 1) textual sermons that are based on select New Testament passages; 2) topical sermons on Christian living, doctrinal issues, the church, etc.; 3) and special topics from religious unity to marriage and divorce. The site also includes sermon audio files and PowerPoint presentations by Joe Price and other preachers.

Credit: Mark Copeland,

Credit: Mark Copeland,

Chart Sermons
As Mark Copeland says at Executable Outlines, before preachers had PowerPoint presentations or overhead transparencies, they used hand-painted charts as visual aids for their sermons. Some people called these works or spiritual art “bedsheet sermons.” Copeland shared 299 of them created by his father-in-law, Steve Hudgins. Peruse the rest of the website for hundreds of other sermon helps, such as textual and topical outlines and PowerPoint files.

Electronic Gospel
Jeff S. Smith shared these fully developed outlines with the goal of fostering personal Bible study and helping young preachers or men who preach occasionally by appointment. Each outline comes with an audio recording of the sermon being delivered.

Focus on God
If you’re looking for sermon outlines that track the Bible from beginning to end, Jim Davis’ website is the place to go. The scriptural index organizes 565 of his sermons, preached between 1998 and 2012, by the primary passages in the sermons. Davis also has authored themed sermons on family, marriage, prayer, Christ’s coming, the Ten Commandments and other topics.

J.W. McGarvey Collection
The Lexington Theological Seminary compiled this archive of sermon outlines from one of the American Restoration Movement’s most famous preachers. Each sermon features an outline and the corresponding scanned image of McGarvey’s handwritten notes.

The Old Paths Archive
Visit this depository of content by members of various churches of Christ to find sermons and class presentations by various speakers beginning in 1989. The collection also hosts some older material, in writing, audio and video.

Sermon Library
Dozens of churches of Christ post audio versions of their sermons online. We’ve compiled direct links to years’ worth of these archives for your listening edification. This collection is a work in progress, so check back periodically for updates. We also have a separate list of sermons that were preached at churches of Christ during the COVID-19 pandemic.

Words of Truth
Evangelist Brian Yeager’s sermon materials include a recurring series where he answers random questions about the Bible from readers and listeners. The website also features Yeager’s sermon outlines and audio files dating back to 2007.

David Chadwell
John Cripps
Edgar J. Dye
Windell H. Gann
Don Martin
David Padfield
David J. Riggs
Gary Henry
Chris Reeves
Keith Sharp
Richie Thetford
Dick and Mark Ward
David Webb

Disclaimer: A listing on this website is not an endorsement of the content as containing truth. Readers should always compare the words of men to the scriptures.

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